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R4i SDHC 3DS card is a great flashcard released by official R4-SDHC team(R4i-sdhc.com), it is a great R4i card for your nintendo 3DS , this item has been pre-flashed to support your 3DS and 3DS XL console, when you get the card, just download the latest firmware and use it, very easy and simple, no need to do any update!,R4i SDHC 3DS card is a powerful game engine, it’s firmware update very fast to support many latest games. R4iSDHC 3DS card support Nintendo 3DS/3DS XL V5.0.0-11E,U,J, DSi/DSi XL V1.4.5E,U,J,DS lite and DS console.R4i SDHC 3DS cards enables your Nintendo 3DS or DSi or DSi XL to accept a micro SD memory card – which in turn means on your 3DS you can watch 3D movie, play music, browse pictures,watch TV,read E-book and so much more! What you have in this card is fully customizable graphical user interface,100% compatible with all NDS rom games, the full support of DSi homebrew and many additional features that work very well.R4i SDHC 3DS card is the complete solution with no need to purchase any additional components or any messy software. When what really matters for you is playing all your favorite DS and DSi Homebrew – then 3DS Card is your only option – a very good choice.

R4i SDHC Card was released shortly after the release of the Nintendo DSi console. With this new console the previous R4 cards were rendered useless so a new card was needed. The R4i-SDHC.com team who had made the previous R4 SDHC cards released the R4i SDHC which works with the DSi and DSi XL consoles allowing users to experience all the great benefits of the R4 but now on the DSi and DSi XL. The R4i-SDHC card works with a wide range of file formats meaning you can store music, movies, photos, videos and even eBooks for playback on the go. The R4i card massively increases the capabilities of your Dsi console for a low price and this has made it such a huge success.The R4i-SDHC.com released the R4i SDHC to work the DSi and later the DSi XL console, these new consoles come with constant firmware updates from the development team in Nintendo and to stay up to date with these the R4i-SDHC team has their own dedicated developement team which offers constant updates and excellent user interface. This is the reason why the R4i Card has become the number one flash card for the DSi console, offering the best in development and customer support, this ofcourse is combined with the experience from a team that also designed the R4i SDHC range of cards.

R4i SDHC card is the first and best R4 DSi flashcard for the new consoles which has been introduced just now in the market. The cheap R4i SDHC card is the production of ultra R4 team in the market. Several other companies start delivering cheap r4i card after the breakage of original r4 team in the market.  Now other  brands are playing with the quality and compatibility of cheap  R4i SDHC card using same brand names on their products. It is important for the consumers to only opt original R4i Ultra which is the best choice for their cheap  R4i card in the market as making firmware updates for their card and are not just trying to cash the consumer's on the nameshake of R4i SDHC worldwide. Not even trying to make any future updates for their cards for enhancing the selling of cheap  R4i SDHC card currently in the market. Certain things needed from the consumer's end to keep in mind before they cheap  r4i card from the market across the globe.

R4 SDHC card is one of  cards from r4i-sdhc team.It supports more bigger capacity up to 4GB so that you save more ds games or music on your Nintenddo ds lite.Still,it not only burns the functions of the original R4,but also supports SDHC card. Notice: It only compatible to NDSL / NDS consoles.R4 SDHC card is the second version R4 card.With R4 SDHC Cards you can play Nintendo games on Nintendo DS and DS Lite. With R4 SDHC Card, besides playing your DS games, you can also watch movies, play music, watch pictures and much more with it.
You can buy R4 Cards either on line or through different vendors. In order for you to play a R4 Card you will also need Micro SD Card and you have to plug a Micro SD memory card into the back of it. Main reason being that R4 Cards don't have internal RAM they can use. To put it in a nut shell, you will need a Micro SD card to store all your games, movies or pictures and R4 SDHC Card will then allow you to play them on your Nintendo DS. Micro SD acts like a shell in which you put your R4 SDHC card and plug it in like a normal DS game since it is in the form of a cartridge. Once plugged in you can drag and drop to play or watch anything that you want.
If you buy only a R4 SDHC  card, then you cannot use it because it is only an adaptor. In order for you to play and enjoy R4 card, you will need a Micro SD also and with both combined together you can transform your Nintendo gaming consoles into a true entertainment module. If you want to save or play any movies or videos, then you can easily store these on your Mirco SD card, and R4 card then allows you to play them.